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This is a poetic memoir written for my late grandmother Rosiland Roberson who sadly lost her fight to cancer in 2022. I want to invite you on the journey of reflecting on my grandmother’s disabilities, strengths, struggles, triumphs, resilience and ability to light up any room she stepped into. Through my eyes you will be able to see how much she has impacted the world, my life as well as other people's lives. Even Though my grandmother is no longer with us I hope you find comfort and joy like me, knowing she fought the good fight until the very end with no fear in her eyes. She is a true warrior and will forever be missed. Lastly, for anyone grieving the loss of someone close to them, I hope you find comfort in this book and know you are not alone, grief isn’t linear so be patient with yourself and your loved one will always live in your heart, if you let them.


SKU: 979-8862154108
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